The project is divided into three (3) Main Sections (MS) and each section into Sub-Sections (SS).

MS-1. Laboratory evaluation of ozonation to contaminated soils

  • SS-1.1. Analysis and identification of contaminated soils and oil-drilling cuttings

  • SS-1.2. Design and construction of a laboratory equipment

  • SS-1.3. Laboratory ozonation tests


MS-2. Development of a mobile ozonation unit for the remediation of contaminated soils and oil-drilling cuttings

  • SS-2.1. Detailed design and construction of the system

  • SS-2.2. Contaminated soil treatment and optimization of the pilot unit


MS-3. Feasibility study of sustainability for large scale unit and benchmarking of technology.

  • SS-3.1. Feasibility study for large scale unit

  • SS-3.2. Benchmarking of technology for soil remediation