The project is a partnership between POLYECO and the Institute of Chemical Engineering (FORTH / ICE-HT ). The two partners have complementary fields of research activity, combining academic research with commercial exploitation.

The only fully licensed waste management and valorization industry in Greece Polyeco S.A (

  • Collection

  • Recycling

  • Recovery

  • Treatement

  • Disposal

ICE-HT ( became one of the founding Institutes of FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas).

Τhe research activities  of  FORTH /ICE-HT focus on the following areas:

  • the development of eco-innovative technologies

  • the development of methods and computational tools for the prediction of pollutant fate in air, water, and soil

  • the restoration of polluted natural resources

  • the effective treatment and recovery of valuable

  • products, raw materials and energy from wastes

  • the solution of problems related to air pollution and climate change